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Regenerative and restorative therapy 

While advancing in age and especially during periods of prolonged physical and psychological stress, various tissues respond differently to the challenge of processing increased amounts of metabolic waste products and counteracting their influence on the functioning of cells, including at the genetic level (gene expression of various proteins, DNA repair, etc.).

From general and benign symptoms such as fatigue and aches (ex. sleep deprivation and strenuous physical exercise) which can be easily corrected with simple and prompt interventions (ex. rest), to full-fledged disease (essential hypertension, atheroclerosis, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, etc.) which requires much more ample and concerted efforts (lifestyle changes, medication, etc.) there is a continuum of patophysiological states where a individually-tailored intervention can make a difference. Acting early in this process is desirable, and a healthy diet, good hydration and regular exercise can solve many of these issues. Administration of vitamins and supplements can also help in other situations, especially when the dietary input is unbalanced or there are specific losses (Gatorade is such an example). However in some cases a drastic physical "reset" may be needed to reverse course, for example bariatric surgery reverses type 2 diabetes or on a different note cardiac stenting/ surgery will solve the pathology of clogged coronary arteries.

We are proposing a method for evaluating such suboptimal physiolagical states and improving the function of body and mind with various treatments which have already been administered successfully.   (Romanian version)

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